What is a Customer Value Proposition?

What is a CVP

What is a Customer Value Proposition? A Customer Value Proposition, or CVP, is your marketing message. It defines why a person would choose your business, product or service over another and therefore helps you attract the right customer. At a high-level, a typical Customer Value Proposition (CVP) might be built around themes such as: • […]

5 Ways to improve your brand authenticity


Brand Authenticity enables you to attract the right customers to your business, creating not only a better experience for them but also a better bottom line for you.     Did you know that existing customers spend over 30% more than new customers when they buy from you? And according to Invescpro.com increasing customer retention […]

How Good Branding Can Help Tradies Succeed in Business

Branding for tradies 1

What’s the most powerful tools in your trade-belt? For your business growth, the answer is branding. More than just a logo, a good brand strategy can help transform your business, by attracting your ideal customer more quickly and easily. For tradies, It can help remove tyre-kickers and reduce time on quoting that goes nowhere. It […]

Why you need more than just a logo to build a strong brand

Benefits of A Strong Brand

Your brand is more than just your logo. It’s the overall image and reputation of your business. It’s what customers think of when they hear your name and see your products or services. A strong brand can help you attract new customers, stand out from your competition, and build loyalty among your existing customer base. […]

How to Plan your Brand Launch

How to plan your brand launch

There are 8 stages to a successful Brand Launch. Plan launch Build launch assets Pre-launch teasers – build interest and energy Launch internally Launch externally Rollout Reiteration and brand awareness Say your final goodbyes to your old brand At Brand Burger we believe that if you put in the work at the start and lay […]

What is a Tagline and why your brand needs one

Taglines COVER

While a logo and business name can tell you a lot, a tagline and/or brand promise (a few words or succinct statement) that positions your brand for success can be a very powerful asset. You can use a tagline to separate you from competitors and outline your unique point of difference. This can also be […]

What colour should my logo be?

Colourful logos

Designing a logo is exciting, it often marks the sparkling beginnings of a business or the start of a new chapter in its growth. But the logo design process can sometimes feel very subjective and confusing, with each stakeholder voicing a different opinion based on their own set of preferences. Choosing a colour (or colours) […]