Free Branding Consultation

In a market with so many competitors and a deluge of marketing messages being shoved in potential customers’ faces every day, how do you ensure that your brand gets seen and heard by your ideal customers?

Strategic and authentic branding is how.

Branding is more than a logo or a color scheme – it’s about conveying a consistent and authentic message. It’s about effective communication.

In our Free Branding/Design Consultation, we will review your current branding and brand positioning, how it aligns with your business goals and your ideal customers. We can look at your website, your advertising, your messaging, your socials and even your competitors. We will review what’s working and where we can help to make changes to ensure you’re attracting the right prospects, your ideal customers, to help you achieve your business goals.

Our Brand Consultation Process

When you book a complimentary branding consultation with us, we will:

Get to know you and your business. Discuss what are the biggest challenges in your business. Understand what are your goals for your business.

  • Discuss your current customers and your ideal customers
  • Review your current brand identity and messaging including your website, social media and marketing or brand communication materials
  • Discuss your brand positioning in your market and against your competitors
  • Identify any opportunities for improvement to attract more of your ideal customers
  • Provide examples of a brand strategy that will assist you in achieving your business goals


Let’s connect and talk about your business challenges, and how a strong brand can support you to achieve your business goals. By better understanding your business, your clients, your competitors and what you want to achieve we can create an authentic brand that will help to convert prospects into valuable customers.

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